Give the gift of flight to a family member or friend!  What better place to learn to fly than over the beautiful San Diego beaches!

Sky Dive

First Flight Corp.

San Diego, California

Learning to fly is one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences you will ever encounter!

Book a Demo Flight

Book a Demo Flight! You can book a Demo Flight for only $49.00. If you would like to take a friend it will be an extra $20

Flight Instructors $45/Hr.

MEXICO Check Outs, Tail Wheel Endorsements, Pilot Certificates & Ratings, ATC 610 Simulator all available at First Flight Corp.

Non U.S.A. Citizens welcomed, you must obtain approval from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), before initiating flight training.

Fathi Othman

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Cell: (949) 394-5357


Arron Wright

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Cell: (619) 451-8966


Paul Chapman

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Cell: (619) 616-5912


Jerb Johnson

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

TAILWHEEL Endorsements

Cell: (619) 991-5009


Allen Kruse

FAA Certified Instructor

"Give Wings to Your Dreams"

Cell: (619) 322-5291


Kieran Twomey

FAA Certified Flight instructor

Cell: (619) 347-8469